Saturday, November 19, 2011

Read More Peek How Facebook User Data Trace Recording

For the first time Facebook detail how to
disassemble the largest social
friendship sites in cyberspace that track users across the world. Similarly, reported the Sydney Morning Herald, Friday (18/11/2011).

Based on the results of interviews Director Arturo Bejar technicians Facebook, Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes, Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt corporations,

technicians and managers Facebook Gregg Stefancik, successfully concluded how the site is put through compilation to monitor data from 800 million active users every day.

     Facebook does not track each user in the same way. They use different methods to get into your account, how users use their account, members are logged off, and non-members.
     When you get to the main page of Facebook, the company entered into a web browser cookies to the user. If you sign up for an account, Facebook include two types of cookies. If you are not interested in signing up then just insert the cookies.
     These cookies record the data every time you visit other sites that use Facebook Like button or Facebook plugin which works together with the cookies it appeared at that time, date, and conditions at the site visit. The unique characteristics of the computer also recorded.
     Facebook keeps logs of all data within 90 days of activity and delete all entries after 90 days.
     If you go into your account, up to record your name, email, friends, and all the data on your Facebook profile.
     The data in the form of search on the web, surfing habits, can be used to find political affiliation, religion and belief, sexual orientation, or health problems from users.

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