Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Film stars and Actor successor

Actors and actresses do not work alone to play their characters in the film. Sometimes they need a stunt double for dangerous scenes or other scenes that do not want their own. Let us see who these people are never exposed to it.

Latest Collection of Vera Wang Bridal Gown

     Vera Wang is one of the designer wedding dress is best known in the fashion world. Vera Wang now has just launched his latest collection, White by Vera Wang, Fall 2012, which sold for U.S. $ 600-1200 (USD 5.6 million - USD 11.3 million).

The Most Frequently Used Clothing Kate Middleton.

Dress Coat or dress shaped trench coat is the most used clothing Kate Middleton.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

11 Days Without Sleep For Euro 2012

A football fan who mentioned the name of Jiang China Xiaoshan, reportedly died due to constantly watch the Euro games with no sleep at all. Xiaoshan has died at the age of 26 years, and has 11 days without sleep because every night watching the Euro.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Facts Of Bilderberg Group

         This group was first established during the implementation of the Bilderberg conference in the hotel near Arnhem, The Netherlands from 29 to 31 may 1954. At first, there is no element of organization to control the world at all. At least that's what happened at the first conference in the hotel Bilderberg Group which is the initial starting point of the formation of this secret organization. The meeting was only attended by about 130 invited the representatives of the developed countries of Europe and America, it was a state represented by two delegates, and most of them are influential people in politics, banking, business, military, or public media. This initial conference was held under strict security supervision, so that the impression of 'unofficial look so vague.          

Muhammad Ali : Rare Photos

Bob Gomel—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images                                                                                                    
When 25-year-old Muhammad Ali, the heavyweight champion of the world and the world’s single most famous Muslim, refused induction into the United States Army in the spring of 1967 (“War is against the teachings of the Koran,” he said. “I’m not trying to dodge the draft [but] we don’t take part in Christian wars.”), there was little doubt in his or in anyone else’s mind that there would be hell to pay for such a principled, public stand.

Elvis Presley : Rarely Early Photos

Robert W. Kelley—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
It’s not that the magazine completely ignored the man who quickly became — and, in some very fundamental ways, has remained — the biggest rock and roll star of the 20th century; but one gets the sense that the magazine was sometimes more fascinated by what might be called the ancillary impact of Elvis, rather than by the performer, or by his music. Little kids getting Elvis haircuts? Teens trying to dance like their idol? That sort of thing can be found in the pages of the magazine — while Elvis himself appears somewhat rarely.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Black and White in colour : Segregation In 1956 South Carolina

Margaret Bourke-White—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Here, in striking color photographs that, at times, convey an unsettling intimacy, Bourke-White’s work opens a window on an era that, for better and for worse, helped define 20th century America. There is courage to be found here, and dignity and a cruelty that — in the guise of a patronizing benevolence — shaped the destinies of black and white America for decades, and still echoes in our national conversation today.