Friday, March 16, 2012

Razer's Project Fiona gaming tablet (+Tips of selling)

     Razer's Project Fiona concept gaming tablet, shown at CES 2012, suggests that Windows 8 is a serious player in portable gaming, and that Razer is serious about moving into manufacturing computers.


     The tablet is a concept. Razer says it's targeting a sub-$1,000 price tag when it brings the final version to market, planned for the end of this year.

     Fiona looks to be the first true Windows 8 gaming tablet. For its specs, Razer intends to use a third-generation (aka Ivy Bridge) Intel Core i7 CPU, along with a solid-state drive (SSD). Razer reps here at CES 2012 were circumspect when I asked about the graphics chip in Fiona. CEO Min-Liang Tan said he wanted to highlight Ivy Bridge and Windows 8 gaming, although he at least acknowledged the possibility of a discrete graphics chip from AMD or Nvidia.

     Razer had few other specifics available for Fiona, understandable given that it's a concept. It has a 10.1-inch screen, with 1,280x800-pixel resolution. Tan said the device will have battery life akin to that of a laptop, not a tablet. It will also have force feedback and an accelerometer built into the game pad handles.
He also said that it will come with a touch screen, as well as an Android OS overlay. His goal for Fiona is to offer sufficient horsepower for true PC gaming, as well as tabletlike portability and ease of use. Tan would not confirm whether the game pad handles are removable. If you've followed the genesis of Razer's Switchblade concept  from CES 2011, you'll know it evolved into a more familiar design as it became the Blade Laptop later in the year. That product, Razer says, is out in the wild with friends and family now, although it plans to begin taking orders this month.
Will Fiona evolve between now and launch? I expect that it will. I also expect that when the Blade finally becomes available for some hands-on time, we'll finally have an idea about how seriously we should consider Razer in this area, as it evolves from a maker of high-end mice and keyboards into a computer systems vendor.

Tips For Selling :

We heard about the selling of this hardware and maybe we imagine thats be sold out in few weeks. But Actually  not true if:

1)The wrong approach

The approach is meant here is the current consumer tastesWe do not equate the taste of past and presentthat the act was wrongAsan example"I think it tastes the same as beforewhich is important to play the game and are satisfied with the existing software." Thatis the wrong ideaYou try to create something that does not existand make your product the only one who excels. This is very important if we want to market products for the first time, but do notknow what to do? Approach to the consumer the right to make our products to be booming and could get more market potential andcapital gains more than what we have when we start building abusiness empire.

2)Market share is not in place

In our market it should not be wrong in selling itif one will result infuture lossesWe have to market the products according tocategoryplace, timeand his age.

3). Promotion of the bored

We actually always wrong in marketing the product. We thought by entering our products at the show will directly boost sales of ourproducts, Wrong! These premises must be supported right approacha powerful one in the product.

Here the authors will take reference from the PresentationSteveJobs.
From the presentation we can see the audience very concerned about his presentation that prove that Jobs managed to bind the hearts of audiences and could communicate with the audience.  From the description we get the conclusion that The Market is Succesful if we can get the key from the market share and sense of community.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------References:1., 2.                    

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