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The Facts Of Bilderberg Group

         This group was first established during the implementation of the Bilderberg conference in the hotel near Arnhem, The Netherlands from 29 to 31 may 1954. At first, there is no element of organization to control the world at all. At least that's what happened at the first conference in the hotel Bilderberg Group which is the initial starting point of the formation of this secret organization. The meeting was only attended by about 130 invited the representatives of the developed countries of Europe and America, it was a state represented by two delegates, and most of them are influential people in politics, banking, business, military, or public media. This initial conference was held under strict security supervision, so that the impression of 'unofficial look so vague.          
        The first meeting was initiated by several figures including Józef Retinger, which is concerned with the development of anti-Americanism in Western Europe. Retinger then to the lobby of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands to agree with the opinion Retinger considered brilliant, then the other characters are involved, among others, Belgian Prime Minister Paul Van Zeeland, also president of Unilever Netherlands at the time, Paul Rijkens. Next, contact the Prince Bernhard Walter Bedell Smith is the director of the CIA at the time, to then ask for the involvement of Charles Douglas Jackson as adviser Eisonhower at the time. The first meeting was finally able to bring together 50 delegates from 11 European countries, and 11 American states. Their next meeting has produced some new force in the body of the organization itself. In 1957, where the conference was first held in America, the organization is able to make the Ford Foundation donated $ 30,000. This represents an incredible amount at the time. Furthermore, they hold meetings take place every year, last held in Athens in 2009. In the meeting in Athens, a journalist arrested for documenting the meeting.
            Bilderberg Group led by the Rockefeller family. David Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch, Paul Wolfowitz, Romano Prodi, and Henry Kissinger are among the world leaders who are members. These group meetings are always attended by influential people, such as the president of the IMF, World Bank, and the Federal Reserve; the leaders of major companies such as DaimlerChrysler, Coca-Cola, British Petroleum, Chase Manhattan Bank, American Express, Goldman Sachs, and Microsoft; the vice president of the United States, the CIA and FBI director, secretary general of NATO, members of the Senate and Congress, the prime minister of Europe, and the chairman of the opposition parties; not behind the editor's number one and the CEOs of the world's leading media. Bilderberg Group imperialist conspiracy began to unfold by the investigation conducted by the authors of this book, Daniel Estulin. This book will open your eyes about how the group is building a modern imperialism and gripped the world under his control. 
          The role of the Bilderberg meetings in the flow of events since its founding in 1954 is a matter of debate among scholars and journalists, such as G. William Domhoff and Caroline Moorehead. In his 1980 essay The Bilderberg and the West, researcher Peter Thompson argues that the Bilderberg group is a meeting ground for top executives from the world’s leading multinational corporations and top national political figures to consider jointly the immediate and long-term problems facing the West. According to Thompson, Bilderberg itself is not an executive agency. However, when Bilderberg participants reach a form of consensus about what is to be done, they have at their disposal powerful transnational and national instruments for bringing about what it is they want to come to pass. That their consensus design is not always achieved is a reflection of the strength of competing resisting forces outside the capitalist ruling class and within it.
 Analysis from Fidel Castro
           Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro to peel a theory that has long been popular with the left or right. The theory is called the Bilderberg Group, a shadow organization, has been transformed into a kind of global governance and control matters. Not only in politics and international economic, cultural and even did not escape the control of the organization tersebut.Mantan 84-year-old Cuban president on Wednesday (18/8) local time to write an article that "eat" three pages of the newspaper's Party Communist Cuba, Granma which amounted to only eight pages. Castro mostly raw quoting from a book published in 2006 by Daniel Estulin, author born in Lithuania.
 Influence of Bilderberg Group
            In each of their meetings, they have invited some of the figures are considered a useful tool in their global plans. Every character that they specifically invite, has proven to be important figures who made ​​history an important part of the world. For example, in 1991 an American state governor in ArkansasBill Clinton was invited to attend the Bilderberg meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany in 1991. During the meeting, David Rockefeller (one of the top brass Bilderbrg Group) told Clinton if the priority of Bilderbrg Group is NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement). President Clinton then offered a position with of course help the implementation of NAFTA as the reciprocal of the presidency that will be pledged.
             The result? At the election a year later, the history of the incised name of Bill Clinton as president is elected in the elections in 1992. During his reign, he was famous from the proponent of NAFTA. Bill Clinton also has been able to make people like me (the children of Indonesia) are taught in school about NAFTA. It all happened as a result of the Bilderberg Group meeting in Germany in 1991. Named another character, for example, Tony Blair. He attended the Bilderberg meeting in 1993. In the month of July 1994 and his career soared to become the leader of the party directly. In May 1997 then, history made ​​its mark as one of the prime minister who took part in the history of world government.
             Bilderberg Group has indeed been expanding its influence on the two sides of the Atlantic. European Union, the Treaty of Rome, the single European currency (Euro), the end of the Cold War, NAFTA, the Brady Plan (President Ronald Reagan to provide 50 billion dollars to third world countries and communist) and the sacking of Margaret Thatcher of Britain as prime minister reject the establishment of the European Union is a small example of the power series of the Bilderberg Group. Bilderberg Group has spread its wings in two sides of the kingdom of the Atlantic. Their organization vague, neat, and clean, the strength of their organization can garner support from various high-ranking third world, and are all able to make us ask, "could they have reached Asia" ?

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