Saturday, June 9, 2012

7 Dangerous Habit

     In our life, we often do something bad habit which basically harm ourselves although is trivial.
The following items mentioned :

1. Never Replace the Pillow


      Why? Pillow that was never replaced caused various disease. Small animals or dust that settles on the  pillow can be a problem for your health. If it was never washed for a year,a pillow that is often used and never washed the fleas can store, complete with their droppings, and every night you were inhaling it all. So said

Steven M. Houser, MD, director of allergy and respiratory system at MetroHealth, Ohio. These allergens will accumulate and lead to allergies and asthma in people who have sensitivity to it. It is recommended to use a base that is free of dust on the pillow and mattress.

2. Rarely Replace Toothbrush


       Why? Because if we rarely or never replace our toothbrush it will have an impact bacterium, bacteria fungi,and virus ready to stick on your toothbrush and move back into the oral cavity. Habits put the toothbrush in the open air and unites with a toothbrush so other family members also trigger the disease, the article germs can more freely move and infect the mouth as a toothbrush.

3.  The Habit of Holding Urine

        Why? Often hold pee not only makes you uncomfortable, but also an organ that works to accommodate therein. If the bladder is often carried out will have problems, but it is difficult to contract, so it is difficult bladder emptying urine. Not only that, when the exhausttract will feel pain. The threat of bladder infections are more 
susceptible you are oftenexperienced urinary incontinence.

4. Long Sleep on Weekends      


       Why? On weekdays, most of us get up early in the morning, the body is rather sleepy and encourage yourself that you can "revenge" sleep on the weekends. Unfortunately, this would not be good for the body. By Jack D. Gardner, MD, Medical director of the Sleep Solutions Center in Dallas, do not sleep like piggy banks, which you can insert and remove at will. Sleep longer on weekends can alter the body's hormone system that regulates the rhythm of your sirkadia, namely melatonin and cortisol. you would likely feel tired and have trouble sleeping at night if you wake up one day on a holiday.

5. Laptop bags draped on one side of the same shoulder

        Why? Watch your habits in a carry bag. Are you using the same side again and again? If so, try using a different side to prevent problems later on. Carrying heavy items on the same side for days can cause problems in the muscles and pain in the neck, shoulders, and arms. Carrying a handbag can also trigger pain in the arm due to the movement of the hand grip and play. Therefore, try to replace as tumuan shoulder bags in their daily activities.

6. Habit of stretching

            Why? This custom must have done all, to stretch the body when to sleep or after waking up is to make the body a little bit to reduce tension, but did you know that habit is hazardous. Forcing the body so it can make stretching cramps. Should do the stretch 10 minutes after the move, such as drinking coffee, wash your face, and brushing teeth. After that you can stretch the parts that feel stiff. Do it carefully to avoid injury, how easily you can put both hands to the back, like put his hand on the back pants pocket, and stretch your body as he leaned back with both hands (like Can position), hold for three seconds, and repeat 2-4 times.

7. Wearing high heels every day

           Why? Wearing high heels may look attractive, but if worn continuously, the muscle can shorten your Achilles tendon, and if this condition has occurred, when you take off the high heels, then you will pull your heel bone and put on a very painful condition. This painful condition will eventually cause inflammation of the tissues that spread to the soles of the feet, adding to the problems in the fatty part of your foot, which would actually decrease as age increases, so that when you try to use high heels, the situation will only get worse. Before that happens, frequently changing your high heels to flat shoes, if possible, walk barefoot in the grass occasionally (which is free of sharp objects) can also help the health of your feet.
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