Saturday, November 19, 2011

BMW to Operate Self With Android Phone

If you have a BMW as well as an Android phone, would be delighted to hear that you have access to the BMW Remote application. An application that allows users to operate a few things over the phone, including opening and closing the car door and control the temperature of air in the cabin.

Currently applications are also available on the iPhone, but now Android smartphone version also has access

to all features equally good. Another advantage, if the owner has lost track of the BMW which was parked in a busy, just use the Flash Light or Blow Horn function, then the user can find it again.

If you lose or forget to put a car, a short distance up to 1,500 meters can be tracked through mobile phones thanks to the activation of Vehicle Finder function. By operating these features, map directions will appear and guide the owner to where the car is located.

Application facility is equipped with Google Local Search, so users can use the search function or smartphone address book to send Points of Interest (POI) for navigation systems in your car.

Next year, the e-mobility-specific remote functions of the BMW ActiveE, which offers cool features like charging a battery from outside the car, will be available for Android phones, such as upgrade the current traffic condition reports.
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