Saturday, November 19, 2011

4 Ways Accelerate Adoption of Cloud Computing

Singapore - Various companies began to consider using cloud computing services or cloud computing. But only a small portion that has been implemented.

That is one of the findings revealed in a global survey titled State of the Cloud 2011 by Applied Research. Two-thirds of organizations are still in discussion stage, trial or even not considered at all services.

Various issues preclude organizations to quickly adopt cloud computing. Issues such as security, IT staffs are not yet ready to move to cloud computing and so on.

"To ensure the successful implementation of cloud computing, IT departments need to carefully choose the applications that move into cloud computing, security monitoring, availability and cost while ensuring their staff are given training," said Anil Chajravathy, Senior Vice President of Storage and Abailability Management Group at Symantec Singapore.

Here are four recommendations from Symantec to facilitate organizations adopting cloud computing:

- Be located at the front lines in cloud computing: The IT needs to take a proactive role in implementing cloud computing. Too many organizations take a conservative approach is slow to make the shift to the cloud. IT staff should receive adequate training and preparation in the control of important aspects such as security and cost.

- Set the level of information and applications: Perform analysis and place the information and your application based on the degree to which one feels comfortable setting when switching to cloud computing.

- Measure of risk and set appropriate policies: Make sure important information accessible only to authorized users and the information is not leaving the company. Cloud computing vendors need to ensure you are eligible. Check the potential of cloud computing vendors to operational issues such as the ability of disaster recovery.

- From now on: Do not take the approach of all or nothing to cloud computing. Although it takes time to prepare the transfer of critical business applications, you can start with the services and applications that are more simple.

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